History – noun

1. The study of past events, particular in human affairs

2. Dan “The Beast” Severn

History is  an over used word . However when you are talking about Mixed Martial Arts . When you say the name Dan”The Beast”Severn you are talking about the history of a sport.

Even in his newly released book:  “The Realest Guy In The Room The Life And Times Of Dan Severn reached #1 Best Seller on in only a few short weeks.  His career covers over 4 decades of competition.  He has lived through history, he has made history,  he is history,  and he continues to push the bar higher, and higher.

Not only was Dan a pioneer as a competitor transitioning from No Holds Barred to Mixed Martials Arts . Dan was also a pioneer as a promoter of mixed martial arts as well.

Challenging different State Athletic Commissioners on rules, and regulations.   Making blood test mandatory when they were not being enforced.   Who better to run a promotion then an “Actual Fighter!”  Can you name another MMA Promotion that was developed and spear-headed by an a competitor??

The answer is “NO”!

Dan”The Beast”Severn’s Danger Zone has been a breeding ground for MMA greatness .

Just to name some of the past stars that have come from this promotion:  UFC Champions Sean Sherk and Rashad Evans got their start in the promotion .

Rich Clementi,  Chael Sonnen,  Ben Rothwell,  and Rampage Jackson,  have also entered the DANGER ZONE .

After taking a few years off due to The Beast own rigorous competition schedule, The Danger Zone is back and it wouldn’t be the Danger Zone if it wasn’t history making.

Danger Zone MMA where “HISTORY IS MADE” !